Day 5: God’s Creation

So I’ve been doing well reading (or at least catching up if I miss some of the chapters I’m supposed to read that day) and accepting my circumstances (i.e. not worrying about the future because I DONT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IT), but I’ve really been struggling for the first 5 days about loving myself, as I’m sure has been obvious from my two previous posts.

On Sunday, my preacher spoke about needing to detox your soul of unhealthy things, namely a confused identity and worrying (hey, I know about that). The idea behind the confused identity is that we are mistakingly using the media as a measure as to how we define ourselves and that we compare ourselves to the people portrayed on magazine covers. This is one of the reasons I think God is so cool, because here I am, wanting to follow him and struggling with these things and then BAM this guy who has been praying and studying for this message for weeks says it at precisely the right time, a time that I am open to receiving the words he has for his congregation.Thief of Joy

The message is this: God created us in his image, so we need to find identity IN HIM, not in our culture. God is the Almighty. He is the Creator. I am trying to live for God and not for this world so why do I judge myself based on outward appearance using a measure that this world has given me? God has two laws for us: Love God, Love people. As long as I’m doing that, I am beautiful in His eyes, and that’s what matters.

Here’s to being beautiful.

And if any of you want to listen to the series, it’s awesome. Follow the hyperlink: Detox

Day 5: God’s Creation

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