Day 2: Trust

To my readers: It may seem like I’m straying away from the original intent of this blog, and I probably am from your eyes. I want to develop a habit where I trust God every day, where I talk to Him every day, and what better way to do that than be in His words every day and recall the stories where others have trusted Him with far greater things?

Today I read Genesis 17-28:19 (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob).

Story #1: Abraham and Sarah are childless. God’s command to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1 is, “Be fruitful and multiply.” I can only imagine the distress Sarah has by not being able to give her husband a son. God knows the desires of our hearts. He knows Sarah and Abraham’s desires are pure and blesses them with what they ask, despite disbelief.

Story #2: Sodom & Gomorrah. It seems that God has just cleared the earth of all the evil people during the Great Flood, but they have come right back and live in these two wicked cities. God confides in Abraham, “I will destroy these cities,” but Abraham pleads with God. I have to give some props to Abraham, having the courage to debate God on this. I imagine it being like a child talking to his dad trying to get a later bedtime: Child: Can I stay up until 8:30? Dad: Ok, fine. 8:30. Child: What about 8:35? Dad: Hmm… ok. Yes. 8:35. Child: What about 8:40?! but instead of negotiating a bedtime, Abraham is wanting to save lives and he brings God down to save the town if just 1 decent person lives there. The best part about it? God keeps his promise. He finds the 1 decent person living there and sends him away before the towns are destroyed, standing by His word to not destroy the towns if just good person is there.

Story #3: Abraham prepares to sacrifice Isaac. This story always throws me for a loop. I can’t fathom exactly what God is asking here. But let me first say, this story tells me that I can trust God fearlessly and he will provide me with all that I need. Abraham and Isaac are traveling to the top of a mountain to offer a sacrifice to God, but they don’t bring anything with them to sacrifice. Eventually, Isaac asks what they will be sacrificing and Abraham responds, “God will provide.” I can only imagine how much Abraham WANTS God to provide something so he won’t have to sacrifice his legacy, his favorite thing, his son, but they get to the top of the mountain and there is nothing else. I imagine Abraham being inches, seconds away from sacrificing Isaac and God pops in saying “JUST KIDDING DON’T DO IT.” I think it shows how much Abraham trusts God – to fulfill His promise to Abraham to be the father of all nations. It makes me wonder, what am I willing to part with to part with in order to follow God? If that answer isn’t “everything” then I need to work on my faith and trust Him more. I’ll be honest, I like to think that the answer is “everything” but it’s not, not even close.

It’s not the end of the day yet so I can’t guarantee what the rest of the day will hold, but I haven’t planned a single bit (therefore, no plans to get changed and ruined!) and I’m living in the moment, I may not be content, but I call that a win!

I really need to change my attitude about my body. I have a, “if I just do this one more thing, then I’ll be happy” attitude. But at least I’m recognizing the problem. That’s good, right?

Goal 1: Work in progress.
Goal 2: ✓
Goal 3: ✓

Day 2: Trust

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