Day 1: Names

I’ll try to keep a daily update, if for nothing else, but to keep me accountable. So Day 1. Today I found a reading plan: finish the bible in 90 days. I just stared at the title wide-eyed. 90 days?! It’s hard enough to finish in a year! Then again, I said I wanted to be in the Word, so what better way than to finish the Word and know what it says cover to cover? Because I’m reading approx 12 pages a day, I can’t go deep-dive into every verse and read the all the many resources that are devoted to picking apart every word (though I wish I could!), so instead, I’ll pick out the main things that spoke to me while I was reading.

Major callout #1: Names. Everyone talks about the genealogy in the bible and how it’s the most boring part because it’s always “man had son when he was X years old. Then he lived for Y more years. He had many other sons and daughters.” If the word of God is being so specific as to list the genealogy from Adam to Noah to Abram and onwards, there must be something important, and this is what I got. God knows us all by NAME. He does! Really! If he knows the name of Noah’s third son’s third son, then he knows my name too.

God called the light “day” and the darkness he called “night,” And there was evening, and there was morning, the first day. – Genesis 1:5

Major callout #2: God is Lord. (This is the start of my “God is” section, be prepared). Many people say that darkness belongs to the devil, that God is absent in the dark, but I disagree. In Genesis 1:5, God NAMES (here it is again) both light and dark. Naming something casts your power over it; you are DEFINING something by the name you give it, maybe not on a scale as large as God naming something, but if I look at an orange and I call it a banana, that would bring an existential crisis to the orange because I’m redefining it in my head. God names both light and dark, that means he has dominion over BOTH, and both belong to Him, not to anyone else.

Major callout #3: God is specific. God has so much to think about, worry about, know about, it’s easy for our brains to understand if He “slacks off” a little bit by not giving it the attention it deserves (i.e. my response to every unanswered prayer about having a good hair day). But no, in Genesis 6, He gives very clear instructions to Noah about how this ark should be built (question, did Noah even know what an ark was before he was building it?). His instructions were less like an ikea guide on how to put together a bed and more similar to a step-by-step guide on how to make dinosaurs out of incomplete DNA (I may be reading Jurassic Park, sorry not sorry). God gave Noah measurements, schematics, blueprints, anything you would need to build an ark in your backyard that would have to house 2 of every animal for a year. If God is so specific on the measurements of this ark, how much more specific is He with me and my path through life?

Major callout #4: God is graciousHow many times have I messed up just to be assured that I was already forgiven? In Genesis 8:21 (beware, this isn’t a warm and fuzzy verse), God says, “Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood.” God has been around to see every human fault that has ever been committed, and I’m sure that can be frustrating to Him because He doesn’t want His creation to fall; He wants us to live in harmony with Him, and yet, He made a covenant with us when we didn’t deserve it to NEVER destroy us. If that’s not grace, I don’t know what is.

So there you have it, all my readers. I read the Bible today. One step closer to that goal. On goals 1 and 3.

Goal 1: Loving my body. Didn’t do so hot with that. Skipping meals, feeling tired because of it, etc. But I will wash my face and brush my teeth tonight. Nutshell: pretty big failure today.

Goal 3: Being content. I can say that I did not worry today, that was taken away from me and PTL for that. I cannot say, however, that I was content. I was definitely not living in the moment, but I’d give this goal completion a 50%. Could be worse.

Day 1: Names

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